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All glazing repairs and upgrades are catered for, from replacing misted failed double glazed and smashed panes to security upgrades with toughened laminate glass.

Misted failed units are unsightly and a much cheaper repair than many expect, starting from as little as £50inc vat per unit.  We can board up smashed glass to ensure your property is secure after accidents without damaging the window then install new glazing.

As well as repairs we can upgrade the currently installed glazing.  Often older double glazed units will have very poor thermal and acoustic efficiency. We can replace with acoustic laminate to cut noise down hugely and argon filled double glazing to keep the warmth in.  Upgrading the glass in your windows would be a fraction of the cost of replacement windows and is a popular option if the window itself is in good condition.

Security is another factor for upgrades, toughened laminate glass consists of the outside layer being 2 pieces of glass glued together.  It looks exactly like normal double glazing but essentially works like wired glass, staying intact when smashed preventing intruders getting in.

Single or double glazing is also catered for in timber windows, sheds, greenhouses and outbuildings.

All replacement glass is guaranteed for 2 years but we will endeavour to make sure it lasts many years longer by fixing any potential issues that may have caused a unit to fail initially and ensure correct installation.  The glass is from the same supplier that is used in our new 10 year guarantee installations.

We can provide triple glazing for most new window systems which gives exceptional thermal performance.  We do find that our standard A rated double glazing does perform virtually the same as triple glazing but without the additional cost!