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Security Upgrades

We are proud to be able to offer Brisant locks direct from the manufacturer including the industry leading Ultion lock barrel. Brisant are that confident in the Ultion they offer £1000 cashback if an intruder breaks in through the lock!  These are the best locks currently available all key quantities are traceable Brisant can tell you how many keys exist for a certain Ultion barrel as only registered agents can cut keys or you need to purchase extra keys direct from Brisant.

As well as the 3* kite mark Ultion lock we cover barrels to suit all budgets, from basic barrel swaps for new homeowners wanting a cheap key change to mid range yet still highly secure anti snap and anti bump 1* barrels.  They start at £40inc vat for a basic swap to £85inc vat for the high end Ultion with several options in between.  Locks can also be paired to allow the same key to open 2 locks which is useful for french door lock replacements.  Multi buy discounts apply to all barrel changes.

Gearbox and mechanism failure is a common problem on uPVC doors and we only replace with like for like genuine parts to ensure repaired doors work to the best they can.

UPVC doors are prone to dropping. This is where the bottom of the door catches the frame leaving the door unable to open and close smoothly and in some cases prevent it locking.  If it easily fixed by reglazing the door and packing around the glass or panel correctly providing the door with the proper support to ensure it stays in the correct position.

Most problems on modern windows are doors can be repaired without the cost of replacement.